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Using Enterprise Volume Management System (EVMS) to manage shared disks requires linuxHA. For general instructions on how to setup EVMS, read the INSTALL file in EVMS package. Here are the steps about how to make EVMS ha plugin work with linuxHA.

The version I have tested is heartbeat-1.2.2 and evms-2.3.4

  1. Make sure EVMS can work without ha plugin. You can move the ha plugin in /lib/evms/<evms version>/ha-<version>.so file to a temporary directory so that evms will not load the ha plugin. Now run evms/evmsn/evmsgui to see if it works fine. If it is ok, move the ha-<version>.so file back.

  2. add the following lines to file in both machines if they are not there yet
     respawn hacluster /usr/lib/heartbeat/ccm
     apiauth ccm  gid=haclient uid=hacluster
     apiauth evms gid=haclient uid=root
    Start heartbeat on both machines. Make sure ccm is started in both machines
     ps -aef|grep ccm
    You should get output similar to
     25150     6845  6835  0 01:51 ?        00:00:00 /usr/lib/heartbeat/ccm
  3. start evmsd in both machines
      $ evmsd &
    if evmsd failed, try to run the ecetest program comes with EVMS. The program ecetest loads the ha plugin and does some basic tests. If this program fails, you should report to evms/ha mailing list. If ecetest is not compiled by default, you can go to evms/plugins/ha and compile it
     make ecetest
    Get the latest ecetest.c from cvs if it does not compile


  4. run evms/evmsn/evmsgui on either of the machines