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This web page is no longer maintained. Information presented here exists only to avoid breaking historical links.
The Project stays maintained, and lives on: see the Linux-HA Reference Documentation.
To get rid of this notice, you may want to browse the old wiki instead.

1 February 2010 Hearbeat 3.0.2 released see the Release Notes

18 January 2009 Pacemaker 1.0.7 released see the Release Notes

16 November 2009 LINBIT new Heartbeat Steward see the Announcement

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Clicking on the Page Title link located in the header above will show every page that references this page. A sample use of this back-referencing, inverted-links feature is the categorization of pages, i.e. CategoryHomepage. On the bottom of each page, you find the "traditional" edit and search links known from the original wiki, and in addition fields for quick-searching titles and the page texts, plus links to call any custom actions you have installed.