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21) Outstanding items regarding LRM/CRM integration

  1. The current manual LRM testing setup is neither comprehensive nor adequate.
    A suite of regression tests that verifies all facets of LRM functionality is required before it will be enabled in the CRM. Debugging the CRM alone is complex enough without trying to debug the LRM at the same time. The tests should be able to be run by others based on what is in CVS.
    Off the top of my head, below are some parts of the LRM that need to be tested for each resource class and with both good and bad data/inputs where appropriate:

    1. metadata operations (including faking metadata, the "description" field IIRC, in the case LSB RAs)

    2. adding resources
    3. starting and stoping resources
    4. attribute passing
    5. event generation (maybe just start with a fake heartbeat RA that it rigged to fail after X seconds)

    6. monitoring (is this different from monitoring?)

    7. doing things at the wrong time (stop a resource when its not started for example)

    8. doing bad things (try to add duplicate resources, perform an action that isnt supported)

    Hopefully you get the idea...
  2. The creation of a UML Stonith (OCF) RA is a very high priority for testing the CRM