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Local Resource Manager Interface

The Local Resource Manager Interface is the API for the LocalResourceManager.

The raw calls will be documented in the header file lrm_api.h, but here are some more usage hints:

It is the programming interface which clients of the LocalResourceManager use to access it. Since the LocalResourceManager is not in the same process as its clients, it is desirable to minimize the number of complex data structures pass across the interface.

So, thinking about that, here is AlanRobertson's CurrentThinking on the subject:

It is probably desirable to assign ResourceTypeIds to ResourceTypes (as qualified by their ResourceAgentClass), and also to associate each ResourceInstance by a ResourceInstanceId.

LarsMarowskyBree thinks the ResourceInstanceId is the UUID we have been talking about all along.

The overlap between this page and the LocalResourceManager page needs to be cleaned up eventually.