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1 February 2010 Hearbeat 3.0.2 released see the Release Notes

18 January 2009 Pacemaker 1.0.7 released see the Release Notes

16 November 2009 LINBIT new Heartbeat Steward see the Announcement

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The Citysavingsbank Munich provides financial services in Bavaria, is one of the largest savingsbanks in Germany.

This entry courtesy of Jens Grigel of Citysavingsbank Munich.

We've just recently put our Linux-HA based Intranet DNS Servers in production. The system is built on 2 IBM x340 xSeries each with 1 x 1.0 GHz P3, 512MB Ram, ServeRAID 4LX, 3x18GB HD (Raid-1/HotSpare) and 5 Nics. The System is running under Redhat Linux 8.0, using heartbeat 0.4.9e, compiled from sources. Linux-HA uses DRBD-0.6.1 to sync the DNS data (dynamic DNS for W2K's Active Directory) between the two systems.

Ipfail is used to monitor the network links and the x340 builtin "Advanced System Management Processor" is our stonith device. To use the ASM as STONITH device I modified some existing stonith code (with rudimentary programming knowledge) to call a MPCLI script which logs into the other system via the ASM-Interconnect network and powercycles the x340.

As this combination works perfectly and stable we are migrating more IBM xSeries based standalone systems to Linux-HA systems. The next systems will be Intranet Webservers running on x340 xSeries and some internal firewall systems running on x335 and x345 xSeries. All of our xSeries are equipped with either ASM or "Remote Supervisor Adaptor" which lets us use our above mentioned STONITH implementation.

An anonymous South American company provides financial services in South America, and is part of a major South American financial group.

This entry courtesy of Renzo Alejandro Granados of who planned and installed the systems.

This customer uses Linux-HA to provide a a highly available Internet/Intranet solution (web, mail, webmail, proxy, etc). This system gives service to ~200 Internal Users, and access to their website (internal webmail and external content) to the Internet. Hardware consists of 2 IBM Netfinity 5500 (M10 and M20, 256 Mb RAM, ~18 Gb Hot Swap, etc...). This installation uses Conectiva Linux.

It is now their policy not to allow their internal infrastructure to be documented externally, so their name can no longer appear on this page.


Major Asset Manager in Scandanavia

This entry provided courtesy of Sigurd Urdahl of Linpro AS, who implemented this solution for the customer.

One of the largest asset managers in Scandinavia uses Heartbeat to implement failover clusters for three FTP and LPD queuing proxies. The proxies facilitate critical communication with external parties, and at the same time implement strong separation between internal and external networks.