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1 February 2010 Hearbeat 3.0.2 released see the Release Notes

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16 November 2009 LINBIT new Heartbeat Steward see the Announcement

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The Department of Geological Sciences at Southern Methodist University performs research on geophysical imaging, remote sensing, infrasound and seismo-acoustic sensing, tectonics, and seismicity of industrial mining explosions.

This entry courtesy of David P. Anderson

The Department of Geological Sciences runs a web and ftp server consisting of two inexpensive 933Mz systems configured to operate as a single server using linux virtual server with hardware redundancy and heartbeat monitoring provided by the Linux-HA utilities. This nifty low-cost solution provides a robust redundant, scalable architecture which avoids single points of failure and which incorporates content mirroring and automated fail-over. The system provides continuous infrasound and seismic data streams for the S.M.U. TXAR and NVAR seismographic stations, as well as web service for the Geological Sciences research programs. In that role it has also successfully survived three slashdottings in 2002-2003!