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1 February 2010 Hearbeat 3.0.2 released see the Release Notes

18 January 2009 Pacemaker 1.0.7 released see the Release Notes

16 November 2009 LINBIT new Heartbeat Steward see the Announcement

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The ADC Telecommunications provides products, services, software and solutions to meet your customers' communication needs.

This entry courtesy of Tony Willoughby

We use Heartbeat (and DRBD) in two products. The first is the CUDA 12000 IP Access Switch. This is a Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) which uses Linux for service provisioning and network management.

From the web page: Contains integrated service provisioning and element/network management functions eliminating the need for separate systems while capitalizing on the high availability Linux-based management module.

The second product is the FastFlow Broadband Provisioning Manager. The FBPM provides the same provisioning services that are available on the Cuda 12000 on a stand alone Linux platform.

Consultronics is a global leader in the field of telecommunications test equipment.

This entry courtesy of Greg Louis.

Consultronics Limited has at its head office a perimeter network (DMZ), of which the outer and inner bastions are pairs of Linux machines. At the time of writing, these are running kernel 2.4.13-ac4 with heartbeat- to provide service IP addresses. Our marketing folks want 24x365 availability of (we sell in 80 countries and the sun never sets on our customer base), and the financial and manufacturing staff want to be sure of access (through the tri-homed inner bastion) to the inner sanctum where the company's ERP system is kept. Running heartbeat on the bastions was a first step: the intent is to make the webserver itself an HA pair and to add a secondary route to the Internet to back up the existing T1.

Motorola is a global leader in providing integrated communications solutions and embedded electronic solutions.

This entry courtesy of Damian Ohara

Motorola has 4 HA pairs running in Swindon, UK. Three clusters serve an SMB front for NFS mounted data on EMC Celerras: PII 233MHz, 3GB HD, 96MB RAM, 2x 3com 905, SuSE. The other cluster serves site Anonymous FTP front for NFS mounted data on EMC Celerras and is similar to the other machines.

All machines are reclaimed - obsoleted from the desktop when we moved to Win2K. We moved to Linux for this service because SMB on Solaris is flaky as hell (our experience) and on HP-UX is slow slow slow.

Trans-Video is a small, independent Cable Television Company in Northfield, Vermont and provides video and data services to their customers.

This entry courtesy of Rubin Bennett of RB Technologies, who planned and installed the systems for Trans-Video.

Trans-Video uses a Linux-HA cluster that runs all of the client/ user services for their High Speed Cable Internet Service:

  • DHCP (failover configuration) for provisioning both Cable modems and Customer systems,
  • TFTP (boot file for cable modems),
  • WWW site / home pages for users (Apache),
  • FTP from internal addresses for users to update their sites,
  • SMTP for users' mail.