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This web page is no longer maintained. Information presented here exists only to avoid breaking historical links.
The Project stays maintained, and lives on: see the Linux-HA Reference Documentation.
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1 February 2010 Hearbeat 3.0.2 released see the Release Notes

18 January 2009 Pacemaker 1.0.7 released see the Release Notes

16 November 2009 LINBIT new Heartbeat Steward see the Announcement

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Update Experience

Version 2.0.4 to 2.0.5

unpackaged file(s)

While updating 2.0.4 cvs to 2.0.5 cvs you may receive this warning during the ConfigureMe package step:

Checking for unpackaged file(s): /usr/lib/rpm/check-files /var/tmp/heartbeat-2.0.5-build
warning: Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:

The mentioned files may vary depending on the point in time your cvs version is from. Basically this means, the files would be installed by make install, but not by installing the rpm. Depending on the file, this may be harmless (as it was in this case).

some entries in no longer needed

While starting heartbeat after updating to a 2.0.5 version it may fail and you see this message in the logs:

May  2 02:23:14 jobn3 heartbeat: [26494]: ERROR: Duplicate apiauth directive for API client mgmtd: [mgmtd uid=root]

You will have this line in your

  apiauth mgmtd uid=root

probably along with

  respawn root  /usr/lib/heartbeat/mgmtd -v

Please remove them from the file. They are now implied by the  crm on  directive.

cib.xml file is now protected by a checksum

heartbeat generates a checksum to verify the integrity of the cib.xml file now. If you replace this file by hand (e.g for testing - and only when the whole cluster is stopped, please!) the checksum won't match and heartbeat ignores the file. Removing the md5 checksum file /var/lib/heartbeat/crm/cib.xml.sig will make heartbeat accept the cib file again.

verify your cib.xml

Since from time to time, new configuration attributes make it into the product, you should let crm_verify check your cib. If there are new attributes, you will see messages like these:

# crm_verify -VL
crm_verify[21118]: 2006/05/02_09:22:13 WARN: mask (unpack.c:unpack_config): No value specified for cluster preference: default_resource_failure_stickiness

Those messages are just warnings so the cluster will run anyways. But you better lookup the annotated dtd for those attributes (default_resource_failure_stickiness in this case) or ask for their meaning on the mailing list. Then you can add them to your cib with the proper value for your case.