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This web page is no longer maintained. Information presented here exists only to avoid breaking historical links.
The Project stays maintained, and lives on: see the Linux-HA Reference Documentation.
To get rid of this notice, you may want to browse the old wiki instead.

1 February 2010 Hearbeat 3.0.2 released see the Release Notes

18 January 2009 Pacemaker 1.0.7 released see the Release Notes

16 November 2009 LINBIT new Heartbeat Steward see the Announcement

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Wiki Etiquette

Since a Wiki is a collaborative system, it is necessary to have some idea of what kinds of changes are appropriate when modifying pages, in order to avoid misunderstandings and hard feelings and enhance the sense of community of the authors.

  1. Comments and questions at the bottom of a page below a horizontal line are always OK, as long as they're in reasonably good taste.
  2. Spelling, grammar and minor wording corrections are always OK.
  3. Completely reformatting an existing page without the consent of the creator is rude.
  4. Changing the meaning of the content without the permission of the creator is always a no-no.
  5. Pages are created for a purpose. Anything which would impede or distract from the purpose of a page is not ok. Feel free to add See Also links at the bottom if what you want to say would distract from the main purpose of the page.
  6. If a page is formatted according to a scheme which it describes at the top (for example the IssueTrackingWikiProtocol), then all changes to the page (except for comments at the bottom below a horizontal line) must follow the scheme outlined.

  7. If you think of this as modifying someone else's code, you'll likely do the right thing much of the time.