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usage: ./ciblint [-C] -f cib-file 
       ./ciblint [-C] -L
       ./ciblint [-w] (-A|--list-meta_attributes-config-options
       ./ciblint [-w] (-l|--list-crm-config-options)
       ./ciblint [-w] -h --help

  -f cib-filename               analyze CIB from this XML file
  -L --live-cib                 analyze live CIB gotten via cibadmin -Q
  -C --ignore-non-defaults      don't print messages for non-default crm_config values
  -w --wiki-format              print usage or crm-config-options in wiki format
  -l --list-crm_config-options  print all valid names for use in <nvpair> sections
                                inside the <crm_config> section
  -A --list-meta_attributes-config-options
                                print all valid names for use in <nvpair> sections
                                inside <meta_attributes> sections

CIB file can either have a status section or not.  Either is acceptable.
This program is a work-in-progress, but for many CIBs it's probably useful now.

It currently looks for a number of classes of possible errors, including these:
  - Non-unique 'id' strings for the given <tag>
  - 'id' strings (outside the status section) which are not globally unique
  - Incorrect <nvpair> 'name's or 'value's
  - Duplicate <nvpair> 'name's in a list
  - Incorrect XML attribute names or values
  - references to non-existent resources
  - references to non-existent nodes
  - invalid values for the data type (integer, boolean, enum, etc.) involved
  - resources you're not monitoring
  - non-negative values for default-resource-failure-stickiness
  - STONITH not enabled
  - No STONITH resources configured
  - Use of for-testing-only ssh or external/ssh STONITH resource agents
  - validation of <nvpair> names and values in <meta_attributes> sections
  - validation of class and type for <primitive> resources
  - validation of <attributes> names and values in <nvpair>s for <primitive> resources
  - check if clone form resource names are used for non-clone resources
  - ensure that clone form resource names have integral clone numbers
  - check for ids with ":" characters in them in <primitive>, <group>, <clone>, or <master_slave> tags
  - check for resources with non-zero failcounts
  - check for <rule> tags with both score and score_attribute
  - check for missing values and attributes in expressions
  - make sure attributes mentioned in the CIB are defined somewhere in the cluster

More documentation can be found online at