hb_takeover — issues a failover request to the cluster manager


hb_takeover [all|foreign|local|failback]



This command is deprecated. It is only suitable for legacy Heartbeat clusters without Pacemaker enabled. In Pacemaker-enabled clusters, the crm(8) shell supports switching individual nodes into standby mode, and replaces hb_takeover.

/usr/share/heartbeat/hb_takeover issues a request to the cluster to move resources to the node where it is invoked, from the other node. Issuing hb_takeover on the current node is equivalent to performing hb_standby on the other node.


hb_takeover is only usable in R1-style configurations (i.e., those configured using the haresources file).

See also

hb_standby(1), heartbeat(8), cl_status(1)