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ucast - configures unicast Heartbeat communication

The ucast directive configures Heartbeat to communicate over a UDP unicast communications link. The udpport directive is used to configure which port is used for these unicast communications if the udpport directive is specified before the ucast directive, otherwise the default port will be used.

The general syntax of a ucast directive is:

ucast dev peer-ip-address

Where dev is the device to use when talking to the peer, and peer-ip-address is the IP address we will send packets to.

Although this is a unicast communication link, the UDP packets sent over this link is a multicast protocol.

A sample ucast directive is shown below:

ucast eth0

This directive will cause us to send packets to over interface eth0.

Note that ucast directives which go to the local machine are effectively ignored. This allows the directives on all machines to be identical.