The Assimilation Project  based on Assimilation version
Contributing to the Project

Interested in contributing to the Assimilation Project? Then you've come to the right place!

Here are the steps you'll need to take to become a contributor to the Assimilation project:

Why A Contributor Agreement?

Contributor agreements are provided for a few reasons:

  • Ensure the legal integrity of the project - so that everyone asserts that they're providing original code to the project. This protects users and other contributors.
  • Create a single legal entity that could easily enforce terms of the licenses.
  • Ensure that no one is submitting code that they know to be covered by patents, and dealing with the cases where there might be such patents.
  • Provide for the ability to change licenses in the future. Depending on the future legal landscape, it might prove desirable to switch licenses at some time in the future. In addition, it creates the possibility to offer supported commercial versions of the project under a different license in order to provide better support for the project and its users.

The Assimilation Contributor Agreement

The Assimilation project's contributor agreements are borrowed from the Harmony Project agreements. They provide an excellent guide to understanding these contributor agreements.

Note that this agreement creates a rights sharing arrangement with the project. You do not lose any rights to use or relicense your contribution any way you wish by signing this contribution agreement.

How to Provide a Signed Copy of the Contributor Agreement

There are two ways to provide a signed copy of the agreement:

Printed Agreement

  • Print off a copy of the relevant agreement (individual or entity)
  • Read it carefully and agree to its terms
  • Sign it
  • Scan the entire unmodified agreement in as a single PDF with a resolution of 200 pixels/inch or more.
  • Email a copy of it to <> Assimilation Systems Limited.

Emailed Agreement

This method is only available if you can digitally sign emails using a well-known public key.

  • Download and read the document carefully and agree to its terms
  • Send a digitally signed email described below to <> Assimilation Systems Limited.
    • Attach the PDF of the unmodified agreement from the web site
    • In the body of the email put these statements

      I have read and agree to the terms of the attached document for contributions to the Assimilation Project (represented by Assimilation Systems Limited).

      Submitting this digitally signed email to Assimilation Systems Limited constitutes my acceptance of the terms of the attached agreement and I provide this email as a legally binding signature to the unmodified agreement attached to this signed email.

      Your Name and email address

      Today's date

What Is Assimilation Systems Limited?

When you read the agreement, you'll notice that the Assimilation Project contributor agreements are with Assimilation Systems Limited, not with an individual. The project founder (Alan Robertson) created Assimilation Systems Limited as a perpetual legal entity to be the owner of the rights vested in the project. It is a Limited Liability Company established and registered in Colorado, USA.