The Assimilation Project
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Assimilation README file

Welcome to the Assimilation README file :-D.

This code builds with cmake, not the autofoo tools... You can find a formatted version of this README online at A more detailed Getting Started guide can be found here The project home page is at - check it out! Please join the project mailing list at


We like to have a reasonable number of things in the build environment.

In addition, the following systems are needed in the runtime environment for the CMA:

Getting Source for the Assimilation Monitoring Project

The source to the Assimilation Project can be found at

Making The Assimilation Monitoring System from Source

If you know how to use cmake, you probably already know what to do.

Making The Assimilation Monitoring System for *NIX Systems

If not, you can follow these instructions for *NIX type systems.

  • Extract the source into "path-to-source-directory"
  • mkdir "path-to-binary-directory"
  • cd "path-to-binary-directory"
  • cmake "path-to-source-directory"
  • make install

Making RPM or DEB packages

The Cmake project provides cpack to make minimal RPM and DEB packages Cpack also makes OS X and Windows packages - but that's untested. Patches to make this work would be appreciated.

The procedure for making packages is as follows:

  • Extract the source into "path-to-source-directory"
  • mkdir "path-to-binary-directory"
  • cd "binary-directory"
  • cmake "path-to-source-directory"
  • cpack

If it can't figure out which kind of package to build, it will default to building RPMs. Patches are being solicited to build Windows and OS X packages (read the cpack docs). Other package formats aren't supported by cpack, and will have to be supported by other mechanisms.

Making The Assimilation Monitoring System for Windows

  • That's something we need to work out. An earlier verison of 'nanoprobe' did compile and run successfully on Windows

Running our Tests

There are currently two test modules that you can run after building it. They can be run like this:

  • cd testcode; sh path-to-source-tree/testcode/ # Assumes you have valgrind installed.
  • cd testcode; ./pinger ::1 # Does a ping test of reliable UDP
  • cd cma; testify tests # Runs significant python tests

For the testcode piece, you have to be in the cma directory of build tree. For the testify portion, you have to either be in the cma directory of the source tree or the installed version in the python install place (on my machine that's currently /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/assimilation)

Other Make Targets

  • doc - makes the documentation If you just want to view the latest version online, go to