The Assimilation Project  based on Assimilation version 0.5.1427325140
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Source Availability and License Terms

License Terms

The version of the source from which these documents were created is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3 or any later version at your option. Please note that any discovery or monitoring scripts that you author are not required to be under the GPL because they are invoked through fork and exec not through library linking. If you want the project to include them in our distributions, they will be provided to others under the GPL. Modifications to the core of the system are covered under the GPL.

All contributions to the project are covered by a contributor agreement. The rationale for this agreement is explained on our blog.

If there are any source files which are not marked in this fashion, it is a clerical error. Those files are also provided under these same terms.

Where To Find The Current Project Source

As of this writing, the source to the latest version of this software is stored under Mercurial and can be found at or more specifically at You can get your own copy of the Mercurial repository using this command:

hg clone

You can get and install the absolute latest tar ball using this command:


Note that this does not require that you have a copy of Mercurical. If you do not have the wget command, you can save that URL using your favorite browser instead.

An online version of these documents that corresponds to the latest version of the source can be found here: