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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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 C_AddrFrameThis is our AddrFrame class object - used for holding NetAddr class network addresses
 C_ArpDiscoveryArpDiscovery C-class - for discovering IP/MAC address resolution via the ARP protocol captured using libpcap
 C_AuthListenerThis is the AuthListener class. object - which (authorizes and) obeys packets from the Authority
 C_CompressFrameThis is our CompressFrame class object - used for representing a compression method
 C_CryptCurve25519This is our CryptCurve25519 class object - representing a Curve25519 encryption Frame class
 C_CryptFrameThis is our CryptFrame class object - representing an encryption method
 C_CstringFrameThis is our CstringFrame class object - used for holding C-style NULL terminated strings
 C_DiscoveryDiscovery class abstract C-class - it supports discovering "things" through subclasses for different kinds of things
 C_FrameThis is the base Frame class object (in-memory TLV (type, length, value)) for every general component of a packet
 C_FrameSetFrameSet class - used for collecting Frames when not on the wire, and for marshalling/demarshalling them for/from the wire
 C_FrameTypeToFrameData structure defining the mapping between frametype integers and corresponding demarshalling modules
 C_FsProtocolThis is an FsProtocol class object - implementing a reliable user-level FrameSet class delivery system It is a subclass of the AssimObj class and is managed by our C-Class Management system
 C_FsProtoElemNot a full-blown class - just a utility structure
 C_FsProtoElemSearchKeyIt is REQUIRED that these fields are the same as the first two in the FsProtoElem structure
 C_FsQueueThis is an FsQueue class object - designed for queueuing up FrameSet class objects for transmission
 C_GSource_pcapG_main_loop GSource object for creating events from libpcap (pcap_t) objects We manage this with our C-Class Management system to help catch errors
 C_HbListenerThis is the base HbListener class. object - which listens for heartbeats from a particular sender
 C_HbSenderThis is the base HbSender class. object - which sends heartbeats to particular listeners
 C_IntFrameThis is an IntFrame class TLV (type, length, value) frame - representing an integer of some specified length
 C_JsonDiscoveryJsonDiscovery abstract C-class - it supports discovering "things" through running commands outputting JSON
 C_ListenerThis is the Listener class. object - which generically listens for packets
 C_NetAddrThe NetAddr class class represents a general network address - whether IP, MAC, or any other type of address
 C_NetGSourceThe NetGSource class objects integrate NetIO class objects into the g_main_loop paradigm
 C_NetIOThis is a basic NetIO class abstract class for doing network I/O
 C_NetIOudpNetIOudp is a NetIO class subclass specialized to UDP connections
 C_NVpairFrameThis is our NVpairFrame class object - used for holding Name/Value pairs
 C_ObeyFrameSetTypeMapStructure associating FrameSet class types with actions to perform when they're received
 C_ReliableUDPNetIOudp is a NetIOudp class subclass specialized to provide reliable UDP connections
 C_SeqnoFrameThis is an SeqnoFrame class TLV (type, length, value) frame
 C_SignFrameThe SignFrame class object - implements digital signatures for FrameSets
 C_SwitchDiscoverySwitchDiscovery C-class - for discovering switch and port configuration via LLDP, CDP and similar protocols captured using libpcap
 C_UnknownFrameThis is our UnknownFrame class object - for unrecognized Frames
 Cstartup_cruftStuff we need only for passing parameters through our glib infrastructures - to start up nanoprobes