The Assimilation Project  based on Assimilation version
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25 #include <projectcommon.h>
26 #include <glib.h>
33 #define CDP_TLV_DEVID 0x0001
34 #define CDP_TLV_ADDRESS 0x0002
36 #define CDP_TLV_PORTID 0x0003
47 #define CDP_TLV_CAPS 0x0004
49 #define CDP_TLV_VERS 0x0005
50 #define CDP_TLV_PLATFORM 0x0006
51 #define CDP_TLV_IPPREFIX 0x0007
52 #define CDP_TLV_HELLO 0x0008
53 #define CDP_TLV_VTPDOMAIN 0x0009
54 #define CDP_TLV_NATIVEVLAN 0x000A
56 #define CDP_TLV_DUPLEX 0x000B
57 #define CDP_TLV_VLREPLY 0x000E
58 #define CDP_TLV_VLQUERY 0x000F
59 #define CDP_TLV_POWER 0x0010
60 #define CDP_TLV_MTU 0x0011
61 #define CDP_TLV_TRUST_BITMAP 0x0012
62 #define CDP_TLV_UNTRUSTED_COS 0x0013
63 #define CDP_TLV_SYSTEM_NAME 0x0014
64 #define CDP_TLV_SYSTEM_OID 0x0015
65 #define CDP_TLV_MANAGEMENT_ADDR 0x0016
66 #define CDP_TLV_LOCATION 0x0017
67 #define CDP_TLV_EXT_PORTID 0x0017
68 #define CDP_TLV_POWER_REQUESTED 0x0018
69 #define CDP_TLV_POWER_AVAILABLE 0x0019
70 #define CDP_TLV_UNIDIR 0x001B
82 #define CDP_CAPMASK_ROUTER 0x01
83 #define CDP_CAPMASK_TBBRIDGE 0x02
84 #define CDP_CAPMASK_SPBRIDGE 0x04
85 #define CDP_CAPMASK_SWITCH 0x08
86 #define CDP_CAPMASK_HOST 0x10
88 #define CDP_CAPMASK_REPEATER 0x40
91 WINEXPORT guint8 get_cdp_vers(gconstpointer pktptr, gconstpointer pktend);
92 WINEXPORT guint8 get_cdp_ttl(gconstpointer pktptr, gconstpointer pktend);
93 WINEXPORT guint16 get_cdp_cksum(gconstpointer pktptr, gconstpointer pktend);
94 WINEXPORT guint16 get_cdptlv_type(gconstpointer tlv_vp, gconstpointer pktend);
95 WINEXPORT gsize get_cdptlv_len(gconstpointer tlv_vp, gconstpointer pktend);
96 WINEXPORT gsize get_cdptlv_vlen(gconstpointer tlv_vp, gconstpointer pktend);
97 WINEXPORT gconstpointer get_cdptlv_body(gconstpointer tlv_vp, gconstpointer pktend);
98 WINEXPORT gconstpointer get_cdptlv_first(gconstpointer pkt, gconstpointer pktend);
99 WINEXPORT gconstpointer get_cdptlv_next(gconstpointer tlv_vp, gconstpointer pktend);
100 WINEXPORT gconstpointer get_cdp_chassis_id(gconstpointer packet, gssize* idlength, gconstpointer pktend);
101 WINEXPORT gconstpointer get_cdp_port_id(gconstpointer packet, gssize* idlength, gconstpointer pktend);
102 WINEXPORT gboolean is_valid_cdp_packet(gconstpointer packet, gconstpointer pktend);
103 WINEXPORT gboolean enable_cdp_packets(gboolean enableme);
WINEXPORT gboolean is_valid_cdp_packet(gconstpointer packet, gconstpointer pktend)
WINEXPORT gconstpointer get_cdptlv_next(gconstpointer tlv_vp, gconstpointer pktend)
Definition: projectcommon.h:45
WINEXPORT guint16 get_cdp_cksum(gconstpointer pktptr, gconstpointer pktend)
WINEXPORT gboolean enable_cdp_packets(gboolean enableme)
WINEXPORT gconstpointer get_cdptlv_first(gconstpointer pkt, gconstpointer pktend)
WINEXPORT gconstpointer get_cdp_chassis_id(gconstpointer packet, gssize *idlength, gconstpointer pktend)
Get the chassis ID associated with this CDP packet.
Definition: cdp_min.c:293
WINEXPORT guint8 get_cdp_vers(gconstpointer pktptr, gconstpointer pktend)
Project common header file.
WINEXPORT gsize get_cdptlv_vlen(gconstpointer tlv_vp, gconstpointer pktend)
WINEXPORT gconstpointer get_cdp_port_id(gconstpointer packet, gssize *idlength, gconstpointer pktend)
get the port ID associated with this CDP packet
Definition: cdp_min.c:314
WINEXPORT gconstpointer get_cdptlv_body(gconstpointer tlv_vp, gconstpointer pktend)
WINEXPORT gsize get_cdptlv_len(gconstpointer tlv_vp, gconstpointer pktend)
WINEXPORT guint8 get_cdp_ttl(gconstpointer pktptr, gconstpointer pktend)
WINEXPORT guint16 get_cdptlv_type(gconstpointer tlv_vp, gconstpointer pktend)