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childprocess.c File Reference

Implements the ChildProcess c-class for creating and tracking child processes. More...

#include <projectcommon.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <glib.h>
#include <gmainfd.h>
#include <logsourcefd.h>
#include <childprocess.h>
#include <misc.h>
#include <sys/wait.h>
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FSTATIC void _childprocess_setup_child (gpointer childprocess_object)
 Function to perform setup for child between fork and exec (for UNIX-like systems) It doesn't get called under Windows. More...
FSTATIC gboolean _childprocess_timeout (gpointer childprocess_object)
 Function to handle child timeouts. More...
FSTATIC void _childprocess_childexit (GPid pid, gint status, gpointer childprocess_object)
 Function called when the child (finally) exits... More...
FSTATIC void _childprocess_finalize (AssimObj *aself)
 Routine to free/destroy/finalize our ChildProcess objects. More...
FSTATIC gchar * _childprocess_toString (gconstpointer)
WINEXPORT ChildProcesschildprocess_new (gsize cpsize, char **argv, const char **envp, ConfigContext *envmod, const char *curdir, void(*notify)(ChildProcess *, enum HowDied, int rc, int signal, gboolean core_dumped), gboolean save_stdout, const char *logdomain, const char *logprefix, GLogLevelFlags loglevel, guint32 timeout_seconds, gpointer user_data, enum ChildErrLogMode logmode, const char *logname)
 ChildProcess class. constructor. More...

Detailed Description

Implements the ChildProcess c-class for creating and tracking child processes.

forks off child processes, checking their return code, logging their standard error and timing them to make sure they don't take too long. If they take too long, they are killed. These child processes are also spawned as independent process groups so that if they fork children that we can easily kill their child processes as well.

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int next_timeout

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int signal

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Referenced by _childprocess_childexit(), main(), and rmpid_and_exit_on_signal().