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cma.AssimCclasses.pySwitchDiscovery Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self)

Static Public Member Functions

def decode_discovery (host, interface, instance, wallclock, pktstart, pktend)
def dot3MauTypes (mautype)
def getNint (tlvptr, tlvlen, pktend)
def construct_cdp_caps (capval)
def getcdpaddresses (tlvlen, tlvstart, pktend)

Static Public Attributes

dictionary lldpnames
dictionary lldp802_1names
dictionary lldp802_3names
dictionary cdpnames

Detailed Description

Class for interpreting switch discovery data via LLDP or CDP
Currently only LLDP is fully implemented.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def cma.AssimCclasses.pySwitchDiscovery.__init__ (   self)

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References netaddr_ipv4_new(), netaddr_ipv6_new(), netaddr_mac48_new(), netaddr_mac64_new(), and cma.drawwithdot.type.

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Member Function Documentation

def cma.AssimCclasses.pySwitchDiscovery.construct_cdp_caps (   capval)

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def cma.AssimCclasses.pySwitchDiscovery.decode_discovery (   host,
def cma.AssimCclasses.pySwitchDiscovery.dot3MauTypes (   mautype)
MAU types and characteristics from RFC 3636 - starting at page 9
The LLDP spec says that MAU types returned by G2.3 MAU type are to be
the same as dot3MauType information in RFC 3636.
This is my take on that information.

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References get_cdptlv_body(), get_cdptlv_first(), get_cdptlv_len(), get_cdptlv_next(), get_cdptlv_type(), netaddr_mac48_new(), and tlv_get_guint16().

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def cma.AssimCclasses.pySwitchDiscovery.getcdpaddresses (   tlvlen,
Decode utterly bizarre CDP-specific address list format
4 bytes address count
'count' addresses in this form:
    one bytes protocol length
    'protocol length' bytes of protocol type
    two bytes address length
    'address length' bytes of address
protocol length = 1, protocol type = 0xCC
protocol length = 8 and address length = 16
protocol type == 0xAAAA0300000086DD ??
    |Proto  |Protocol Type       | address  | Actual address  |
    |Length |(protolength bytes) | length   | (addresslength  |
    |1 byte |(1-255 bytes)       | (2 bytes)|  bytes)         |

    Min length for an IPV4 address is 8 bytes

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References netaddr_ipv4_new(), and netaddr_ipv6_new().

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def cma.AssimCclasses.pySwitchDiscovery.getNint (   tlvptr,

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References tlv_get_guint16(), tlv_get_guint24(), tlv_get_guint32(), tlv_get_guint64(), and tlv_get_guint8().

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Field Documentation

dictionary cma.AssimCclasses.pySwitchDiscovery.cdpnames
Initial value:
1 = {
2  # System-wide capabilities
3  CDP_TLV_DEVID: ('ChassisId', True),
4  CDP_TLV_CAPS: ('SystemCapabilities', True),
5  CDP_TLV_VERS: ('SystemVersion', True),
6  CDP_TLV_PLATFORM: ('SystemPlatform', True),
7  CDP_TLV_VTPDOMAIN: ('VLANManagementDomain', True),
8  CDP_TLV_ADDRESS: ('SystemAddress', True),
9  CDP_TLV_MANAGEMENT_ADDR: ('ManagementAddress', True),
10  CDP_TLV_SYSTEM_NAME: ('SystemName', True),
11  CDP_TLV_LOCATION: ('SystemDescription', True),
12  CDP_TLV_HELLO: ('CiscoHello', True),
13  # Per-port capabilities follow
14  CDP_TLV_TRUST_BITMAP: ('CiscoTrustBitMap', False),
15  CDP_TLV_UNTRUSTED_COS: ('CiscoUnTrustedPortCOS', False),
16  CDP_TLV_NATIVEVLAN: ('VlanId', False),
17  CDP_TLV_VLQUERY: ('VlanQuery', False),
18  CDP_TLV_VLREPLY: ('VlanReply', False),
19  CDP_TLV_PORTID: ('PortId', False),
20  CDP_TLV_EXT_PORTID: ('PortDescription', False),
21  CDP_TLV_DUPLEX: ('duplex', False),
22  CDP_TLV_MTU: ('mtu', False),
23  CDP_TLV_POWER: ('PortPower', False),
24  }

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dictionary cma.AssimCclasses.pySwitchDiscovery.lldp802_1names
Initial value:
1 = {
2  LLDP_ORG802_1_VLAN_PVID: ('VlanPvId', False),
3  LLDP_ORG802_1_VLAN_PORTPROTO: ('VlanPortProtocol', False),
4  LLDP_ORG802_1_VLAN_NAME: ('VlanName', False),
5  LLDP_ORG802_1_VLAN_PROTOID: ('VlanProtocolId', False),
6  }

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dictionary cma.AssimCclasses.pySwitchDiscovery.lldp802_3names
Initial value:
1 = {
2  LLDP_ORG802_3_PHY_CONFIG: ('PhysicalConfiguration', False),
3  LLDP_ORG802_3_POWERVIAMDI: ('PowerViaMDI', False),
4  LLDP_ORG802_3_LINKAGG: ('LinkAggregation', False),
6  }

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dictionary cma.AssimCclasses.pySwitchDiscovery.lldpnames
Initial value:
1 = {
2  LLDP_TLV_END: ('END', True),
3  LLDP_TLV_CHID: ('ChassisId', True),
4  LLDP_TLV_PID: ('PortId', True),
5  LLDP_TLV_TTL: ('TTL', True),
6  LLDP_TLV_PORT_DESCR: ('PortDescription', False),
7  LLDP_TLV_SYS_NAME: ('SystemName', True),
8  LLDP_TLV_SYS_DESCR: ('SystemDescription', True),
9  LLDP_TLV_SYS_CAPS: ('SystemCapabilities', True),
10  LLDP_TLV_MGMT_ADDR: ('ManagementAddress', True),
11  LLDP_TLV_ORG_SPECIFIC: ('(OrgSpecific)', True),
12  }

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