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cma::AssimCtypes::DarwinLibraryLoader Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def getplatformpaths
def getdirs

Static Public Attributes

list name_formats

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

def cma::AssimCtypes::DarwinLibraryLoader::getdirs (   self,
Implements the dylib search as specified in Apple documentation:

Before commencing the standard search, the method first checks
the bundle's ``Frameworks`` directory if the application is running
within a bundle (OS X .app).

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def cma::AssimCtypes::DarwinLibraryLoader::getplatformpaths (   self,

Reimplemented from cma::AssimCtypes::LibraryLoader.

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Field Documentation

Initial value:
["lib%s.dylib", "", "lib%s.bundle", "%s.dylib",
                "", "%s.bundle", "%s"]

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