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cma.assimeventobserver.FIFOEventObserver Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, FIFOwritefd, constraints=None, maxerrcount=None)
def notifynewevent (self, event)
def ioerror (self, _unusedevent)
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def __init__ (self, constraints)
def notifynewevent (self, event)
def is_interesting (self, event)

Data Fields

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Static Public Attributes

 NULstr = chr(0)

Additional Inherited Members

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def getvalue (event, attr)

Detailed Description

Objects in this class send JSON messages to a FIFO when events they are interested in
are observed.  Each message encapsulates a single event, and is followed by a single
NUL (zero) byte.  If the len(JSON) is 100, then 101 bytes are written to the
FIFO, with the last being a single NUL byte (as noted in the previous sentence).

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def cma.assimeventobserver.FIFOEventObserver.__init__ (   self,
  constraints = None,
  maxerrcount = None 
Initializer for FIFO EventObserver class.

FIFOwritefd: int
    a UNIX file descriptor pointing to the FIFO where event observers are listening...

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Member Function Documentation

def cma.assimeventobserver.FIFOEventObserver.ioerror (   self,
This function gets called when we get an I/O error writing to the FIFO.
This is likely an EPIPE (broken pipe) error.

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References cma.assimeventobserver.FIFOEventObserver.errcount, and cma.assimeventobserver.FIFOEventObserver.maxerrcount.

Referenced by cma.assimeventobserver.FIFOEventObserver.notifynewevent().

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def cma.assimeventobserver.FIFOEventObserver.notifynewevent (   self,
We get called when a new AssimEvent has occured that we might want to observe.
When we get the call, we write a NUL-terminated JSON blob to our FIFO file descriptor

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References cma.assimeventobserver.FIFOEventObserver.errcount, cma.assimeventobserver.FIFOEventObserver.FIFOwritefd, cma.assimeventobserver.FIFOEventObserver.ioerror(), and cma.assimeventobserver.AssimEventObserver.is_interesting().

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Field Documentation


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cma.assimeventobserver.FIFOEventObserver.NULstr = chr(0)

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