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cma.assimglib.IOWatch Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, fileno, conditions, callback, otherobj=None)
def __del__ (self)

Data Fields


Static Public Attributes

list save_callbacks = []

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def cma.assimglib.IOWatch.__init__ (   self,
  otherobj = None 
fileno is the UNIX file descriptor
Conditions is a bitwise-OR of at least one of {IO_IN, IO_PRI, IO_ERR, IO_OUT, IO_HUP}
The callback function receives three parameters:
otherobj (as passed to io_add_watch)
    and returns a bool - True if we should keep watching this file descriptor, False if not.

Return: int (source id of our watch condition - suitable to passing to source_remove)

Note that you must keep a reference around to the return result or the callback may crash
if the elements of this object get garbage collected.

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def cma.assimglib.IOWatch.__del__ (   self)

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References cma.assimglib.IOWatch.sourceid.

Field Documentation


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list cma.assimglib.IOWatch.save_callbacks = []

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