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cma::cma::DroneInfo Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __getitem__
def getport
def setport
def logjson
def add_netconfig_addresses
def add_tcplisteners
def add_tcpipports
def add_linkdiscovery
def primary_ip
def select_ip
def send_hbmsg
def death_report
def start_heartbeat
def stop_heartbeat
def request_discovery
def __str__
def find
def add
def add_json_processors

Data Fields


Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def cma::cma::DroneInfo::__init__ (   self,
  node = None,

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Member Function Documentation

def cma::cma::DroneInfo::__getitem__ (   self,

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def cma::cma::DroneInfo::__str__ (   self)

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def cma::cma::DroneInfo::add (   designation,
  status = 'up' 

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def cma::cma::DroneInfo::add_json_processors (   args)

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def cma::cma::DroneInfo::add_linkdiscovery (   self,

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def cma::cma::DroneInfo::add_netconfig_addresses (   self,
Save away the network configuration data we got from JSON discovery.
This includes all our NICs, their MAC addresses, all our IP addresses and so on
for any non-loopback interface.  Whee!
In theory we could make a giant 'create' for everything and do all the db creation
in one swell foop - or at most two...

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def cma::cma::DroneInfo::add_tcpipports (   self,
We create tcpipports objects that correspond to the given json object in
the context of the set of IP addresses that we support - including support
for the ANY ipv4 and ipv6 addresses

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def cma::cma::DroneInfo::add_tcplisteners (   self,
Add TCP listeners and/or clients.  Same or separate messages - we don't care.

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def cma::cma::DroneInfo::death_report (   self,

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def cma::cma::DroneInfo::find (   designation)

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def cma::cma::DroneInfo::getport (   self)
Return the port we talk to this drone on

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def cma::cma::DroneInfo::logjson (   self,

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def cma::cma::DroneInfo::primary_ip (   self,
  ring = None 
Return the "primary" IP for this host

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def cma::cma::DroneInfo::request_discovery (   self,
Send our drone a request to perform discovery
We send a           DISCNAME frame with the instance name
then an optional    DISCINTERVAL frame with the repeat interval
then a              DISCJSON frame with the JSON data for the discovery operation.

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def cma::cma::DroneInfo::select_ip (   self,
  ring = None 
Select an appropriate IP address for talking to a partner on this ring
or our primary IP if ring is None

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def cma::cma::DroneInfo::send_hbmsg (   self,
Send a message with an attached address list and optional port.
   This is intended primarily for start or stop heartbeating messages.

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def cma::cma::DroneInfo::setport (   self,
Set the port we talk to this drone on

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def cma::cma::DroneInfo::start_heartbeat (   self,
  partner2 = None 
Start heartbeating to the given partners.
We insert ourselves between partner1 and partner2.
We only use forward links - because we can follow them in both directions in Neo4J.
So, we need to create a forward link from partner1 to us and from us to partner2 (if any)

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def cma::cma::DroneInfo::stop_heartbeat (   self,
  partner2 = None 
Stop heartbeating to the given partners.'
We don't know which node is our forward link and which our back link,
but we need to remove them either way ;-).

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Field Documentation

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