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cma::cma::HbRing Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def join
def leave
 FIXME: Ought to label relationships with IP addresses involved.
def members
def membersfromlist
def __str__

Data Fields

 FIXME: Ought to label ring membership relationships with IP involved (see comments below)

Static Public Attributes

int SWITCH = 1
int SUBNET = 2
string memberprefix = 'RingMember_'
string nextprefix = 'RingNext_'
dictionary ringnames = {}
tuple nextnext = self.insertpoint2.node.get_single_related_node(neo4j.Direction.OUTGOING, self.ournexttype)
tuple point1rel = self.insertpoint1.node.get_single_relationship(neo4j.Direction.OUTGOING, self.ournexttype)
 point1rel = None
tuple ringrel = drone.node.get_single_relationship(neo4j.Direction.OUTGOING, self.ourreltype)
 ringrel = None
tuple relationships = drone.node.get_relationships('all', self.ournexttype)
 rel = None
 relationships = None
 node = prevnode
tuple partner = DroneInfo(node)
tuple prevdrone = DroneInfo(prevnode['name'])
tuple nextdrone = DroneInfo(nextnode['name'])

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def cma::cma::HbRing::__init__ (   self,
  parentring = None 
Constructor for a heartbeat ring.
Although we generally avoid keeping hash tables of nodes in the
database, I'm currently making an exception for rings.  There are
many fewer of those than any other kind of node.

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Member Function Documentation

def cma::cma::HbRing::__str__ (   self)

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def cma::cma::HbRing::join (   self,

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def cma::cma::HbRing::leave (   self,

FIXME: Ought to label relationships with IP addresses involved.

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def cma::cma::HbRing::members (   self)

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def cma::cma::HbRing::membersfromlist (   self)

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Field Documentation

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FIXME: Ought to label ring membership relationships with IP involved (see comments below)

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string cma::cma::HbRing::memberprefix = 'RingMember_' [static]

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tuple cma::cma::HbRing::nextdrone = DroneInfo(nextnode['name']) [static]

Definition at line 608 of file

tuple cma::cma::HbRing::nextnext = self.insertpoint2.node.get_single_related_node(neo4j.Direction.OUTGOING, self.ournexttype) [static]

Definition at line 539 of file

string cma::cma::HbRing::nextprefix = 'RingNext_' [static]

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cma::cma::HbRing::node = prevnode [static]

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Definition at line 452 of file

Definition at line 452 of file

Definition at line 452 of file

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tuple cma::cma::HbRing::point1rel = self.insertpoint1.node.get_single_relationship(neo4j.Direction.OUTGOING, self.ournexttype) [static]

Definition at line 547 of file

cma::cma::HbRing::point1rel = None [static]

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tuple cma::cma::HbRing::prevdrone = DroneInfo(prevnode['name']) [static]

Definition at line 607 of file

cma::cma::HbRing::rel = None [static]

Definition at line 590 of file

tuple cma::cma::HbRing::relationships = drone.node.get_relationships('all', self.ournexttype) [static]

Definition at line 585 of file

Definition at line 591 of file

dictionary cma::cma::HbRing::ringnames = {} [static]

Definition at line 446 of file

tuple cma::cma::HbRing::ringrel = drone.node.get_single_relationship(neo4j.Direction.OUTGOING, self.ourreltype) [static]

Definition at line 581 of file

cma::cma::HbRing::ringrel = None [static]

Definition at line 583 of file

Definition at line 452 of file

int cma::cma::HbRing::SUBNET = 2 [static]

Definition at line 441 of file

int cma::cma::HbRing::SWITCH = 1 [static]

Definition at line 440 of file

int cma::cma::HbRing::THEONERING = 3 [static]

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