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cma.cmadb.Neo4jCreds Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, filename=None, neologin=None, neopass=None)
def update (self, newauth=None, length=None)
def authenticate (self, uri='localhost:7474')
def __str__ (self, filename=None)

Static Public Member Functions

def randpass (length)

Data Fields


Static Public Attributes

string default_name = 'neo4j'
string default_auth = 'neo4j'
int default_length = 16
string passchange = 'neoauth'

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def cma.cmadb.Neo4jCreds.__init__ (   self,
  filename = None,
  neologin = None,
  neopass = None 
Neoj4Creds constructor

:arg filename location of where to find/stash the credentials (optional)

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Member Function Documentation

def cma.cmadb.Neo4jCreds.__str__ (   self,
  filename = None 
We return the current assimilation Neo4j credentials (login, password) as a string
:return: credentials tuple (login, password)

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References cma.cmadb.Neo4jCreds.auth,, and

def cma.cmadb.Neo4jCreds.authenticate (   self,
  uri = 'localhost:7474' 
Authenticate ourselves to the neo4j database using our credentials

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References cma.cmadb.Neo4jCreds.auth, cma.cmadb.Neo4jCreds.isdefault,,, and cma.cmadb.Neo4jCreds.update().

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def cma.cmadb.Neo4jCreds.randpass (   length)
Generate a random password from letters, digits and punctuation

:param length: length of the password to generate
:return: password string

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def cma.cmadb.Neo4jCreds.update (   self,
  newauth = None,
  length = None 
Update credentials from the new authorization info we've been given.

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References cma.cmadb.Neo4jCreds.auth, cma.cmadb.Neo4jCreds.dirname, cma.cmadb.Neo4jCreds.filename,, and

Referenced by cma.cmadb.Neo4jCreds.authenticate().

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Field Documentation

string cma.cmadb.Neo4jCreds.default_auth = 'neo4j'

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int cma.cmadb.Neo4jCreds.default_length = 16

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string cma.cmadb.Neo4jCreds.default_name = 'neo4j'

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string cma.cmadb.Neo4jCreds.passchange = 'neoauth'

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