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cma.dispatchtarget.DispatchHBMARTIAN Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def dispatch (self, origaddr, frameset)
- Public Member Functions inherited from cma.dispatchtarget.DispatchTarget
def __init__ (self)
def dispatch (self, origaddr, frameset)
def setconfig (self, io, config)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from cma.dispatchtarget.DispatchTarget
def register (classtoregister)
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- Static Public Attributes inherited from cma.dispatchtarget.DispatchTarget
dictionary dispatchtable = {}

Detailed Description

DispatchTarget subclass for handling incoming HBMARTIAN FrameSets.
HBMARTIAN packets occur when a system is receiving unexpected heartbeats from another system.

There are a few known causes for them:
    - The reporting system was slow to act on a request to expect these heartbeats
    - The MARTIAN source had been erroneously declared dead (network split) with 2 subcases:
        - It is currently marked as dead - we should resurrect it and add to the ring
          mark it as alive, and tell it to stop sending
          UNLESS it's from an HBSHUTDOWN - then it's likely bad timing...
        - It is currently marked as alive - two subcases:
            - the reporting system is one of its partners peers - just ignore this
            - the reporting system is not one of its partners - tell source to stop
                this can be caused by the system being slower to update

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Member Function Documentation

def cma.dispatchtarget.DispatchHBMARTIAN.dispatch (   self,

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