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cma.dispatchtarget.DispatchSTARTUP Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def dispatch (self, origaddr, frameset)
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def __init__ (self)
def dispatch (self, origaddr, frameset)
def setconfig (self, io, config)

Static Public Member Functions

def validate_source_ip (sysname, origaddr, jsobj, listenaddr)
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def register (classtoregister)

Additional Inherited Members

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dictionary dispatchtable = {}

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

def cma.dispatchtarget.DispatchSTARTUP.validate_source_ip (   sysname,
This chunk of code is kinda stupid...
There is a docker/NAT bug where it screws up the source address of multicast packets
This code detects that that has happened and works around it...

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Referenced by cma.dispatchtarget.DispatchSTARTUP.dispatch().

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