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cma.linkdiscovery.LinkDiscoveryListener Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def processpkt (self, drone, srcaddr, jsonobj, discoverychanged)
def processpkt_netconfig (self, drone, _unused_srcaddr, jsonobj)
def processpkt_linkdiscovery (self, drone, _unused_srcaddr, jsonobj)

Static Public Attributes

 prio = DiscoveryListener.PRI_OPTION
tuple wantedpackets = ('__LinkDiscovery', 'netconfig')

Detailed Description

Class for processing Link Discovery JSON messages
We create the System nodes for switches we discover and
any NIC nodes for the port we're connected to and any other
NICs that the switch tells us about.
We also create 'wiredto' relationships between host NICs and switch NICs.

Note that all the CDP and LLDP packets are sent intact (in binary) from the
nanoprobes then post-processed by the CMA to create the JSON which we
receive here just as though the nanoprobe had sent us JSON in the first place.

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Member Function Documentation

def cma.linkdiscovery.LinkDiscoveryListener.processpkt (   self,
Trigger Switch discovery or add Low Level (Link Level) discovery data to the database.

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References cma.linkdiscovery.LinkDiscoveryListener.processpkt_linkdiscovery(), cma.linkdiscovery.LinkDiscoveryListener.processpkt_netconfig(), and cma.arpdiscovery.ArpDiscoveryListener.processpkt_netconfig().

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def cma.linkdiscovery.LinkDiscoveryListener.processpkt_linkdiscovery (   self,

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References cma.linkdiscovery.LinkDiscoveryListener._process_mgmt_addr(), and cma.linkdiscovery.LinkDiscoveryListener._process_ports().

Referenced by cma.linkdiscovery.LinkDiscoveryListener.processpkt().

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def cma.linkdiscovery.LinkDiscoveryListener.processpkt_netconfig (   self,
We want to trigger Switch discovery when we hear a 'netconfig' packet

Build up the parameters for the discovery
action, then send it to drone.request_discovery(...)
To build up the parameters, you use ConfigFile.agent_params()
which will pull values from the system configuration.

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References _Listener.config, cma.dispatchtarget.DispatchTarget.config, cma.discoverylistener.DiscoveryListener.config, cma.packetlistener.PacketListener.config, cma.assimcli.DummyIO.config, cma.tests.cma_test.IOTestIO.config, obsolete_cma.DispatchTarget.config, obsolete_cma.PacketListener.config, cma.AssimCclasses.pyNetIO.config, and cma.linkdiscovery.discovery_indicates_link_is_up().

Referenced by cma.linkdiscovery.LinkDiscoveryListener.processpkt().

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Field Documentation

cma.linkdiscovery.LinkDiscoveryListener.prio = DiscoveryListener.PRI_OPTION
tuple cma.linkdiscovery.LinkDiscoveryListener.wantedpackets = ('__LinkDiscovery', 'netconfig')

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