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cma.systemnode.DockerSystem Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def post_db_init (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from cma.systemnode.ChildSystem
def __init__ (self, designation, _parentsystem=None, domain=None, roles=None, _selfjson=None, uniqueid=None, childpath=None)
def post_db_init (self)
def send_frames (self, framesettype, frames)
- Public Member Functions inherited from cma.systemnode.SystemNode
def __init__ (self, domain, designation, roles=None)
def addrole (self, roles)
def delrole (self, roles)
def logjson (self, origaddr, jsontext)
def __iter__ (self)
def keys (self)
def __contains__ (self, key)
def __len__ (self)
def jsonval (self, jsontype)
def get (self, key, alternative=None)
def __getitem__ (self, key)
def deepget (self, key, alternative=None)
def __setitem__ (self, name, value)
def __delitem__ (self, name)
def json_eq (self, key, newvalue)
def send_frames (self, _framesettype, _frames)
def request_discovery (self, args)

Data Fields

- Data Fields inherited from cma.systemnode.ChildSystem
- Data Fields inherited from cma.systemnode.SystemNode

Static Public Attributes

string DiscoveryPath = 'docker'
- Static Public Attributes inherited from cma.systemnode.ChildSystem
 DiscoveryPath = None
- Static Public Attributes inherited from cma.systemnode.SystemNode
string HASH_PREFIX = 'JSON__hash__'
string JSONattrnames
string JSONsingleattr

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from cma.systemnode.ChildSystem
def compute_uniqueid (designation, parentsystem, domain=None)
def childfactory (parentsystem, childtype, designation, jsonobj, roles=None, domain=None)
def __meta_keyattrs__ ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from cma.systemnode.SystemNode
def __meta_keyattrs__ ()
def add_json_processor (clstoadd)

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

def cma.systemnode.DockerSystem.post_db_init (   self)

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Field Documentation

string cma.systemnode.DockerSystem.DiscoveryPath = 'docker'

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