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cma.tests.cclass_wrappers_test.TestpyFrame Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def test_constructor (self)
def test_setvalue (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from cma.tests.cclass_wrappers_test.TestCase
def assertEqual (self, a, b)
def assertNotEqual (self, a, b)
def assertTrue (self, a)
def assertFalse (self, a)
def assertRaises (self, exception, function, args, kw)
def teardown_method (self, method)

Detailed Description

Frames are our basic superclass for things we put on the wire.
   This base class just has a generic binary blob with no special
   properties.  They are all valid (if they have a value)

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Member Function Documentation

def cma.tests.cclass_wrappers_test.TestpyFrame.test_constructor (   self)
def cma.tests.cclass_wrappers_test.TestpyFrame.test_setvalue (   self)

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