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netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES Class Reference

IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES defines the layout of information we know about an adapter Address. More...

Data Fields

uint Length
uint IfIndex
IntPtr Next
IntPtr AdapterName
IntPtr FirstUnicastAddress
IntPtr FirstAnycastAddress
IntPtr FirstMulticastAddress
IntPtr FirstDnsServerAddress
IntPtr DnsSuffix
IntPtr Description
IntPtr FriendlyName
Byte[] PhysicalAddress
uint PhysicalAddressLength
uint flags
uint Mtu
uint IfType
uint OperStatus
uint Ipv6IfIndex
uint[] ZoneIndices
IntPtr FirstPrefix
UInt64 TransmitLinkSpeed
UInt64 ReceiveLinkSpeed
IntPtr FirstWinsServerAddress
IntPtr FirstGatewayAddress

Detailed Description

IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES defines the layout of information we know about an adapter Address.

Definition at line 640 of file netconfig.cs.

Field Documentation

IntPtr netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.AdapterName

Definition at line 647 of file netconfig.cs.

IntPtr netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.Description

Definition at line 654 of file netconfig.cs.

IntPtr netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.DnsSuffix

Definition at line 653 of file netconfig.cs.

IntPtr netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.FirstAnycastAddress

Definition at line 649 of file netconfig.cs.

IntPtr netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.FirstDnsServerAddress

Definition at line 651 of file netconfig.cs.

IntPtr netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.FirstGatewayAddress

Definition at line 678 of file netconfig.cs.

IntPtr netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.FirstMulticastAddress

Definition at line 650 of file netconfig.cs.

IntPtr netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.FirstPrefix

Definition at line 673 of file netconfig.cs.

IntPtr netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.FirstUnicastAddress

Definition at line 648 of file netconfig.cs.

IntPtr netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.FirstWinsServerAddress

Definition at line 677 of file netconfig.cs.

uint netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.flags

Definition at line 662 of file netconfig.cs.

IntPtr netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.FriendlyName

Definition at line 656 of file netconfig.cs.

Referenced by netconfig.NetDisc.GetIPv4gateway().

uint netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.IfIndex

Definition at line 643 of file netconfig.cs.

uint netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.IfType

Definition at line 664 of file netconfig.cs.

Referenced by netconfig.NetDisc.GetIPv4gateway().

uint netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.Ipv6IfIndex

Definition at line 668 of file netconfig.cs.

uint netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.Length

Definition at line 642 of file netconfig.cs.

uint netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.Mtu

Definition at line 663 of file netconfig.cs.

IntPtr netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.Next

Definition at line 646 of file netconfig.cs.

Referenced by netconfig.Adapter.GetAdaptersAddresses().

uint netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.OperStatus

Definition at line 666 of file netconfig.cs.

Byte [] netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.PhysicalAddress

Definition at line 659 of file netconfig.cs.

uint netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.PhysicalAddressLength

Definition at line 661 of file netconfig.cs.

UInt64 netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.ReceiveLinkSpeed

Definition at line 676 of file netconfig.cs.

UInt64 netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.TransmitLinkSpeed

Definition at line 675 of file netconfig.cs.

uint [] netconfig.IP_ADAPTER_ADDRESSES.ZoneIndices

Definition at line 671 of file netconfig.cs.

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