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cryptcurve25519.h File Reference

Describes interfaces to CryptFrame (encryption) C-Class It represents a FrameSet using libsodium (curve25519) for public key encryption. More...

#include <cryptframe.h>
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Data Structures

struct  _CryptCurve25519
 This is our CryptCurve25519 class object - representing a Curve25519 encryption Frame class. More...
typedef struct _CryptCurve25519 CryptCurve25519
WINEXPORT CryptCurve25519cryptcurve25519_new (guint16 frame_type, const char *pubkeyname, const char *privkeyname, gboolean forsending, gsize objsize)
 Construct a new CryptCurve25519 object (frame). More...
WINEXPORT Framecryptcurve25519_tlvconstructor (gpointer tlvstart, gconstpointer pktend, gpointer *, gpointer *)
 Given marshalled packet data corresponding to an CryptCurve25519 frame return the corresponding Frame In other words, un-marshall the data... More...
WINEXPORT void cryptcurve25519_gen_temp_keypair (const char *keyname)
 Generate a temporary (non-persistent) key pair. More...
WINEXPORT char * cryptcurve25519_gen_persistent_keypair (const char *keyname)
 Create a persistent keypair and write it to disk Returns a MALLOCed string with the key id for the key pair. More...
WINEXPORT gboolean cryptcurve25519_save_public_key (const char *key_id, gpointer public_key, int keysize)
 Save a public key away to disk so it's completely usable... More...
WINEXPORT CryptFramecryptcurve25519_new_generic (const char *sender_key_id, const char *receiver_key_id, gboolean forsending)
 Generic "new" function to use with cryptframe_set_encryption_method() More...
WINEXPORT void cryptcurve25519_cache_all_keypairs (void)
 We read in and cache all the key pairs (or public keys) that we find in CRYPTKEYDIR. More...
WINEXPORT gboolean cryptcurve25519_purge_keypair (const char *key_id)
 Purge a cryptcurve25519 key from the filesystem and from memory. More...
WINEXPORT void cryptcurve25519_set_encryption_method (void)
 Just for python simplicity... More...
WINEXPORT char * curve25519_key_id_to_filename (const char *key_id, enum keytype)

Detailed Description

Describes interfaces to CryptFrame (encryption) C-Class It represents a FrameSet using libsodium (curve25519) for public key encryption.

In particular, we use the libsodium simple_box*() interfaces which use the following algorithms: Key exchange: Curve25519 Encryption: XSalsa20 stream cipher Authentication: Poly1305 MAC

Note that these interfaces integrate message validation with encryption/decryption so we don't need a separate cryptographic validation of the sender.

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