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discovery.c File Reference

Abstract class (more or less) defining discovery objects. More...

#include <projectcommon.h>
#include <discovery.h>
#include <intframe.h>
#include <cstringframe.h>
#include <frametypes.h>
#include <fsprotocol.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <assert.h>
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FSTATIC char * _discovery_instancename (const Discovery *self)
 internal function return the type of Discovery object More...
FSTATIC void _discovery_flushcache (Discovery *self)
 default (do-nothing) 'flush cache' function More...
FSTATIC guint _discovery_discoverintervalsecs (const Discovery *self)
 default function - return zero for discovery interval More...
FSTATIC gboolean _discovery_rediscover (gpointer vself)
 GSourceFunc function to invoke discover member function at the timed interval. More...
FSTATIC void _discovery_ghash_destructor (gpointer gdiscovery)
 Discovery Destructor function for the GHashTable. More...
FSTATIC void _discovery_sendjson (Discovery *self,char *jsonout,gsize jsonlen)
 Send JSON that we discovered to the CMA - with some caching going on. More...
FSTATIC void _discovery_finalize (AssimObj *gself)
 Finalizing function for Discovery objects. More...
Discoverydiscovery_new (const char *instname, NetGSource *iosource, ConfigContext *context, gsize objsize)
 Discovery constructor. More...
void discovery_register (Discovery *self)
 Function for registering a discovery object with the discovery infrastructure. More...
FSTATIC void discovery_unregister (const char *instance)
void discovery_unregister_all (void)
 Unregister all discovery methods in preparation for shutting down - to make valgrind happy :-D. More...

Detailed Description

Abstract class (more or less) defining discovery objects.

It is only instantiated by derived classes.

This file is part of the Assimilation Project.

Copyright © 2011, 2012 - Alan Robertson
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