The Assimilation Project  based on Assimilation version
Collaboration diagram for C-Classes:


 AssimObj class
 Implements the base object class for our object system.
 CompressFrame class
 Class implementing Compression/decompression on the wire.
 ConfigContext class
 A base class for remembering configuration values of various types in a hash table with capabilities to go to and from JSON.
 Discovery class
 Discovery abstract base class - supporting the discovery of various local things by our subclasses.
 Frame class
 Class for holding/storing binary blobs - Base class for all the other Frame types.
 FrameSet class
 Class representing a collection of Frames to be sent in a single datagram.
 FsProtocol class
 FsQueue class
 GmainFd class.
 (base) Class for reading from file descriptors (usually pipes) from gmainloop programs.
 HbSender class.
 Class for heartbeat Senders - We send heartbeats to the chosen few.
 Listener class.
 Base Listener class - Listen for FrameSets.
 NetAddr class
 This is our basic NetAddr object.
 NetGSource class
 This is our basic NetGSource object.
 NetIO class
 (Abstract) NetIO objects are able to perform network writes and reads.
 PacketDecoder class
 A base class for transforming an incoming packet into a GSList of FrameSet class objects.
 GSource_Pcap class
 Class representing a pcap GSource object - for capturing packets in the g_main_loop paradigm.
 ResourceCmd class
 Class implementing resource commands.

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