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#define enumerations
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 IANA Address Family Numbers
 This information was taken from as described by RFC 3232.
 CDP: Known values for TLV types
 CDP: Capability (CDP_TLV_CAPS) mask bits.
 The TLV type CDP_TLV_CAPS value is a field with a set of bits defining the capabilities which a given switch or router might implement.
 Protocols known to (supported by) create_pcap_listener().
 These protocols can be ored together to create the complete set of interesting protocols to be passed as the 'listenmask' argument.
 Data Types corresponding our various TLV types
 Each of the types below has a method associated with it which knows how to convert it to a string.
 FrameSet Types
 Individual TLV 'Frame' data types and layouts (by TLV type)
 Below is the set of individual frame types and data layouts - organized by TLV type.

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