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hbsender.c File Reference

Implements the HbSender class. class - for sending heartbeats. More...

#include <memory.h>
#include <glib.h>
#include <frameset.h>
#include <frame.h>
#include <hbsender.h>
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#define ONESEC   1000000


FSTATIC void _hbsender_notify_function (gpointer data)
FSTATIC void _hbsender_finalize (HbSender *self)
 Finalize an HbSender. More...
FSTATIC void _hbsender_ref (HbSender *self)
 Increment the reference count by one. More...
FSTATIC void _hbsender_unref (HbSender *self)
 Decrement the reference count by one - possibly freeing up the object. More...
FSTATIC void _hbsender_addlist (HbSender *self)
 Add an HbSender to our global list of HbSenders. More...
FSTATIC void _hbsender_dellist (HbSender *self)
 Remove an HbSender from our global list of HbSenders. More...
FSTATIC void _hbsender_sendheartbeat (HbSender *self)
 Send out a heartbeat. More...
FSTATIC gboolean _hbsender_gsourcefunc (gpointer gself)
 A GSourceFunc to be used with g_timeout_add_seconds() More...
HbSenderhbsender_new (NetAddr *sendaddr, NetGSource *outmethod, guint interval, gsize objsize)
 Construct a new HbSender - setting up timeout data structures for it. More...
void hbsender_stopsend (NetAddr *sendaddr)
 Stop sending heartbeats to a particular address. More...
void hbsender_stopallsenders (void)
 Stop sending heartbeats to anyone... More...

Detailed Description

Implements the HbSender class. class - for sending heartbeats.

We are told what addresses to send to, and how often to send them.

This file is part of the Assimilation Project.

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Definition in file hbsender.c.