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25 #ifndef _LOGSOURCEFd_H
26 # define _LOGSOURCEFd_H
27 #include <projectcommon.h>
28 #include <gmainfd.h>
32 typedef struct _LogSourceFd LogSourceFd;
34 struct _LogSourceFd {
36  char * logdomain;
37  char * prefix;
38  GLogLevelFlags loglevel;
39  int charcount;
40  int linecount;
42 };
43 // We use g_source_ref() and g_source_unref() to manage reference counts
46 WINEXPORT LogSourceFd* logsourcefd_new(gsize cpsize, int fd, int priority, GMainContext* context, const char * logdomain
47 , GLogLevelFlags loglevel, const char * prefix);
50 #endif/*LOGSOURCEFD_H*/
GLogLevelFlags loglevel
What level to log these outputs to.
Definition: logsourcefd.h:38
int charcount
How many characters have been logged (read).
Definition: logsourcefd.h:39
Definition: projectcommon.h:45
char * logdomain
What log domain to log to.
Definition: logsourcefd.h:36
WINEXPORT LogSourceFd * logsourcefd_new(gsize cpsize, int fd, int priority, GMainContext *context, const char *logdomain, GLogLevelFlags loglevel, const char *prefix)
Construct a new LogSourceFd class. object and return it.
Definition: logsourcefd.c:39
char * prefix
What prefix to print before our log entries.
Definition: logsourcefd.h:37
GMainFd baseclass
Our base class - NOT an AssimObj.
Definition: logsourcefd.h:35
Project common header file.
int linecount
How many lines have been logged.
Definition: logsourcefd.h:41
Implements a gmainloop source for reading file descriptor pipes.