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cma.cma Namespace Reference


def main
def supplementary_groups_for_user
def drop_privileges_permanently
def make_pid_dir


list optional_modules
 pyversion = sys.version_info
tuple exitrc = main()

Function Documentation

def cma.cma.drop_privileges_permanently (   userid)
Drop our privileges permanently and run as the given user with
the privileges to which they would be entitled if they logged in.
That is, the uid, gid, and supplementary group list are all set correctly.
We are careful to make sure we have exactly the permissions we need
as 'userid'.
Either we need to be started as root or as 'userid' or this function
will fail and exit the program.

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References cma.cma.supplementary_groups_for_user().

Referenced by cma.cma.main().

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def cma.cma.make_pid_dir (   pidfile,

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Referenced by cma.cma.main().

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def cma.cma.supplementary_groups_for_user (   userid)
Return the list of supplementary groups to which this member
would belong if they logged in as a tuple of (groupnamelist, gidlist)

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Referenced by cma.cma.drop_privileges_permanently().

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Variable Documentation

tuple cma.cma.exitrc = main()

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Referenced by _childprocess_childexit().

list cma.cma.optional_modules
Initial value:
1 = [ 'discoverylistener' # NOT OPTIONAL(!)
2  , 'linkdiscovery'
3  , 'checksumdiscovery'
4  , 'monitoringdiscovery'
5  , 'arpdiscovery'
6  ]

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cma.cma.pyversion = sys.version_info

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