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cma.graphnodes Namespace Reference

Data Structures

class  BPRules
class  BPRuleSet
class  GraphNode
class  IPaddrNode
class  IPtcpportNode
class  JSONMapNode
class  NeoRelationship
class  NICNode
class  ProcessNode


def nodeconstructor (properties)
def RegisterGraphClass (classtoregister)
def add_an_array_item (currarray, itemtoadd)
def delete_an_array_item (currarray, itemtodel)
def maintest ()

Function Documentation

def cma.graphnodes.add_an_array_item (   currarray,

Definition at line 244 of file

Referenced by cma.systemnode.SystemNode.addrole(), and cma.graphnodes.ProcessNode.addrole().

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def cma.graphnodes.delete_an_array_item (   currarray,

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Referenced by cma.systemnode.SystemNode.delrole(), and cma.graphnodes.ProcessNode.delrole().

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def cma.graphnodes.maintest ( )

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def cma.graphnodes.nodeconstructor (   properties)
A generic class-like constructor that knows our class name is stored as nodetype
It's a form of "factory" for our database classes

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def cma.graphnodes.RegisterGraphClass (   classtoregister)
Register the given class as being a Graph class so we can
map the class name to the class object.
This is intended to be used as a decorator.

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