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hello Namespace Reference


def hello_world ()
def query_meta (queryname)
def doquery (queryname)
def setup (dbhost='localhost', dbport=7474, dburl=None, querypath=None)


dictionary allqueries = {}
 app = Flask(__name__)

Function Documentation

def hello.doquery (   queryname)
Prototype code for executing a particular query.
The error cases are detected, but not handled correctly yet.
They all return apparent success, just no JSON.

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def hello.hello_world ( )

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def hello.query_meta (   queryname)
Dummy code for returning the metadata for a particular query
- that doesn't do anything yet.

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def hello.setup (   dbhost = 'localhost',
  dbport = 7474,
  dburl = None,
  querypath = None 
Program to set up for running our REST server.
We do these things:
    - Attach to the database
    - Initialize our type objects so things like ClientQuery will work...
    - Load the queries into the database from flat files
        Not sure if doing this here makes the best sense, but it
        works, and currently we're the only one who cares about them
        so it seems reasonable -- at the moment ;-)
        Also we're most likely to iterate changing on those relating to the
        REST server, so fixing them just by restarting the REST server seems
        to make a lot of sense (at the moment)
    - Remember the set of queries in the 'allqueries' hash table

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Variable Documentation

dictionary hello.allqueries = {}

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