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 APIsAt this point in time, we support three different APIs:
 Assimilation Coding StandardsThis page is a start to an evolving set of written coding standards
 Download Prebuilt Assimilation Project Packages download button
 Getting Started - Installation and ConfigurationThis is a basic guide to installing, testing, configuring and using the Assimilation Monitoring system
 Preliminary System Test PlanThis document represents the "current thinking" on what we ought to be testing for the next (first!) release
 Source Availability and License Terms
 Contributing to the ProjectInterested in contributing to the Assimilation Project? Then you've come to the right place!
 Contributing Software You Don't OwnAt this time we do not have a method of contributing software you do not own the Copyright to the entire work of authorship
 Contact Information
 Release Descriptions
 System Goals and ArchitectureSome background:
 System Goals
 Nanoprobe Architecture
 Centralized Monitoring Authority (CMA) Software Architecture
 Infrastructure Architecture
 Autoconfigure Strategy and Philosophy
 Design Decisions
 Todo List