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1 #ifndef _PCAP_MIN_H
2 #define _PCAP_MIN_H
29 #include <projectcommon.h>
30 #include <pcap.h>
41 # define ENABLE_LLDP 0x1
43 # define ENABLE_CDP 0x2
45 # define ENABLE_ARP 0x4
47 struct pcap_capture_iter {
49  pcap_t* pcfd;
50 };
52 WINEXPORT pcap_t* create_pcap_listener(const char * dev, gboolean blocking, unsigned listenmask, struct bpf_program*);
53 WINEXPORT void close_pcap_listener(pcap_t*, const char* dev, unsigned listenmask);
54 WINEXPORT struct pcap_capture_iter* pcap_capture_iter_new(const char* capture_filename);
56 WINEXPORT const guint8* pcap_capture_iter_next(struct pcap_capture_iter* iter, const guint8** pktend, guint* pktlen);
57 #endif
WINEXPORT void close_pcap_listener(pcap_t *, const char *dev, unsigned listenmask)
Close this pcap_listener, and undo listens for multicast addresses.
Definition: pcap_min.c:197
WINEXPORT void pcap_capture_iter_del(struct pcap_capture_iter *iter)
Definition: pcap_min.c:273
Definition: projectcommon.h:45
Project common header file.
WINEXPORT const guint8 * pcap_capture_iter_next(struct pcap_capture_iter *iter, const guint8 **pktend, guint *pktlen)
Definition: pcap_min.c:285
WINEXPORT pcap_t * create_pcap_listener(const char *dev, gboolean blocking, unsigned listenmask, struct bpf_program *)
Set up pcap listener for the given interfaces and protocols.
Definition: pcap_min.c:66
pcap_t * pcfd
Definition: pcap_min.h:49
WINEXPORT struct pcap_capture_iter * pcap_capture_iter_new(const char *capture_filename)
Definition: pcap_min.c:254