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resourcequeue.h File Reference

Implements the resource queue class. More...

#include <projectcommon.h>
#include <assimobj.h>
#include <configcontext.h>
#include <resourcecmd.h>
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Data Structures

struct  _ResourceQueue
typedef struct _ResourceQueue ResourceQueue
WINEXPORT ResourceQueueresourcequeue_new (guint structsize)
 Construct a new ResourceQueue system (you probably only need one) More...

Detailed Description

Implements the resource queue class.

Creates an queue object managing resource objects.

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Definition in file resourcequeue.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _ResourceQueue ResourceQueue

This is the Queue object for creating and managing ResourceCmd class objects.

We are given constructor parameters to Resource objects, and then we create queues for managing work for that particular resource name, and then we execute the requested operations on the resources as we are able. We never execute a resource action until the previous resource action on the the same resource name completes or times out. Note that resource actions are performed asynchronously. The request can contain a repeat interval in it. Repeated requests are performed every "n" seconds - but that actually means it is "n" seconds after the operation completes before it is queued to run again. So if it takes 5 seconds to run and has a 5 second repeat interval, it will actually run every 10 seconds.

Definition at line 44 of file resourcequeue.h.

Function Documentation

WINEXPORT ResourceQueue* resourcequeue_new ( guint  structsize)