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22 #ifndef _SERVER_DUMP_H
23 # define _SERVER_DUMP_H
24 # include <projectcommon.h>
25 WINEXPORT void dump_cdp_packet(const void* packet, const void* packend);
26 WINEXPORT void dump_lldp_packet(const void* packet, const void* packend);
27 WINEXPORT gboolean is_all_ascii(const void* mem, const void* end);
28 WINEXPORT void dump_mem(const void * start, const void * end);
29 #endif/*_SERVER_DUMP_H*/
WINEXPORT gboolean is_all_ascii(const void *mem, const void *end)
return TRUE if this memory is all printable ASCII
Definition: dump.c:36
WINEXPORT void dump_cdp_packet(const void *packet, const void *packend)
Dump out a CDP packet - not very intelligently.
Definition: cdp.c:87
WINEXPORT void dump_lldp_packet(const void *packet, const void *packend)
Dump an LLDP packet to stdout.
Definition: lldp.c:120
Definition: projectcommon.h:45
Project common header file.
WINEXPORT void dump_mem(const void *start, const void *end)
Dump out memory.
Definition: dump.c:60