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26 #ifndef _SIGNFRAME_H
27 #define _SIGNFRAME_H
28 #include <glib.h>
29 #include <frame.h>
33 #define SIGNTYPE_GLIB 1 //< Glib GCheckSum objects
34 #ifdef HAVE_SODIUM_H
35 # define SIGNTYPE_SODIUM 2
36 # define SIGNTYPE_SODIUM_SHA512256 1
37 # define SIGNTYPE_SODIUM_ED25519 2
38 #endif
40 typedef struct _SignFrame SignFrame;
47 struct _SignFrame {
49  guint8 majortype;
50  guint8 minortype;
51 };
53 WINEXPORT SignFrame* signframe_glib_new(GChecksumType sigtype, gsize framesize);
54 #ifdef HAVE_SODIUM_H
55 WINEXPORT SignFrame* signframe_sodium_new(guint8 sodiumtype, const guint8* key, gsize keylen, gsize framesize);
56 #endif
57 WINEXPORT SignFrame* signframe_new_default(gsize framesize);
58 WINEXPORT gboolean signframe_setdefault(guint8 majortype, guint8 minortype, const char* keyname, const guint8* signkey, gsize keylen);
59 WINEXPORT Frame* signframe_tlvconstructor(gpointer tlvstart, gconstpointer pktend, gpointer*,gpointer*);
63 #endif /* _SIGNFRAME_H */
WINEXPORT Frame * signframe_tlvconstructor(gpointer tlvstart, gconstpointer pktend, gpointer *, gpointer *)
Given marshalled data corresponding to a SignFrame (signature frame), return that corresponding Frame...
Definition: signframe.c:368
WINEXPORT SignFrame * signframe_new_default(gsize framesize)
guint8 majortype
Which signature module.
Definition: signframe.h:49
WINEXPORT SignFrame * signframe_glib_new(GChecksumType sigtype, gsize framesize)
Construct a new SignFrame - allowing for "derived" frame types...
Definition: signframe.c:334
This is the base Frame class object (in-memory TLV (type, length, value)) for every general component...
Definition: frame.h:43
The SignFrame class object - implements digital signatures for FrameSets.
Definition: signframe.h:47
Definition: projectcommon.h:45
WINEXPORT gboolean signframe_setdefault(guint8 majortype, guint8 minortype, const char *keyname, const guint8 *signkey, gsize keylen)
Definition: signframe.c:104
guint8 minortype
signature subtype
Definition: signframe.h:50
Implements basic Frame class.
Frame baseclass
Base Frame class object.
Definition: signframe.h:48