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Basic Connectivity


Sample Heartbeat configuration: /etc/ha.d/authkeys

 auth 1
 1 crc

See also authkeys


Sample Heartbeat configuration: /etc/ha.d/

 # Node communication
 bcast		eth0
 udpport	694
 autojoin	any
 # Logging
 debug		0
 coredumps	true
 logfacility	daemon
 # Timeouts suitable for clusters with 2-8 nodes
 keepalive	1
 warntime	6
 deadtime	10
 initdead	15
 # Advanced settings, read the detailed configuration notes before changing 
 realtime			 yes
 compression		 	 bz2
 traditional_compression	 off

A complete listing of all the Heartbeat configuration options is also available.


There are two options for configuring cluster resources:

The first is very simple to configure because it doesn't do very much

  • Clusters are limited to 2 nodes
  • No detection of resource-level failures
  • Resources organized into independent groups with a strictly linear start/stop order

Traditionally Pacemaker has been more complex to configure, however it now comes with a nice command line tool that hides the XML scaffolding that frightened many potential users.

To enable Pacemaker, shut down all the nodes and adding the following to /etc/ha.d/

 crm respawn

Then sit down with a warm drink and read the Pacemaker documentation.

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