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Manual pages

Heartbeat (from 3.0.2 forward) comes with extensive manual pages for system administration commands and configuration files. To retrieve an annotated list of supported options in the ha.cf file, for example, issue the following command:

man ha.cf

The OCF Resource Agents (from 1.0.2 forward) also come with a manual page for each individual resource agent. These man pages are found in manual section 7 and are named ocf_heartbeat_agent. For example, to retrieve information about the supported parameters and actions for the IPaddr2 resource agent, issue this command:

man ocf_heartbeat_IPaddr2

HTML versions of the manual pages are available on this website.

Linux-HA User's Guide

The reference documentation for Heartbeat 3.0 is the Linux-HA User's Guide.

The User's Guide is designed to address many of the documentation shortcomings the project has previously had, and serve as the definitive reference guide and handbook for all Linux-HA users.

OCF Resource Agent Developer's Guide

Developers contributing to OCF Resource Agents should read the OCF Resource Agent Developer's Guide.

Documentation Sources

Linux-HA documentation is maintained in AsciiDoc format.

The Linux-HA User's Guide sources live in their own Mercurial repository.

The OCF Resource Agent Developer's Guide is maintained as part of the main resource-agents repository on GitHub.

This web site

Examples, informal HOWTOs, information pertaining to legacy releases, and other documentation not considered "reference" material, are available from this web site.

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