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Reporting Utility

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hb_report is an error reporting tool that comes with Pacemaker or Heartbeat (>= 2.1.3). It collects all information needed to describe your cluster configuration and what happened over a given time period and packs them into one bz2 compressed tar archive. This file can be posted to the mailing list or be attached to a bug report in a bugzilla. It will contain all the information we need to help you out. It is still helpful if you explain your hardware and network setup.

hb_report relies on ssh to collect the information. Therefore it might ask you for passwords while it is running. Public key authentication can help here.

Say you want to create a report for the time between 10 am and 10.30 am, you can easily create one like this:

hb_report -n "node1 node2" -f 10:00 -t 10:30 /tmp/myreport

or, for OpenAIS clusters:

hb_report -A -n "node1 node2" -f 10:00 -t 10:30 /tmp/myreport

This will create /tmp/myreport.tar.bz2, which you can attach to your problem description in the LF bugzilla. For more details, see the hb_report(8) man page.

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