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Commercial Support

Support for the Linux-HA software is available from a variety of places. The following organizations provide paid support for Linux-HA:

Update: Acutally, today (2015), the only place where you really get support for Heartbeat, or Heartbeat + Pacemaker based clusters is Linbit

Everyone else has already phased out Heartbeat. (Yes, the guy saying so is Heartbeat maintainer and Linbit employee; and my impression may be wrong). For broader future support, you probably should be considering moving to Corosync 2.x + Pacemaker anyways. Below is the list as of places where one used to get support for Heartbeat, and where (I think) you still will get support for "Linxu-HA" clusters, based on Corosync 2.x + Pacemaker.

Community Support

Of course there is also community support. We have several mailing lists, a Bugzilla bug tracking system, and an IRC channel associated with the project.


We are trying to consolidate everything Linux HA Cluster related under the Clusterlabs umbrella now (2015).

If you don't get immediate response, please be patient. Consider that most people in there have day jobs, may be working on a deadline, or simply are located in different time zones. Just describe your situation, ask your question, and linger a while. Usually someone will come along and pick it up.

Historically, there have been two more channels, you may find mentioned elsewhere: irc://irc.freenode.org#linux-ha used to be our more Heartbeat stack centric channel, irc://irc.freenode.org#linux-cluster used to be our more Corosync / RHCS centric channel. To be able to give you a less scattered experience, we now recommend you to please start out on #clusterlabs, though.

Mailing Lists

Due to the prevelence of SPAM in the internet, ALL our mailing lists require subscribing before you can post to them. So be sure and subscribe, or don't try and post to them.

Pacemaker related questions

If you want to discuss not heartbeat, but pacemaker/CRM specific questions, you get better results at the Pacemaker mailing lists.

Announcement Mailing List (announce-only)

The announcement mailing list is a low-traffic announce-only mailing list where notifications for new releases, major bugs, etc. are sent. We strongly recommend that everyone using or redistributing the Linux-HA software subscribe to this list.

Main Mailing List

The main mailing list is a discussion list where general configuration questions, etc. can get answered for stable releases.

Japanese Main Mailing List

The main Japanese mailing list is a Japanese-langauge discussion list where general configuration questions, etc. can get answered for stable releases.

Development mailing list

This is where discussions on the ["Mercurial"] and beta versions of the Linux-HA software get answered. At the present time, most of the discussion of Linux-HA on non-Linux platforms takes place here.

You may also subscribe to one or more of the RSS feeds from our Mercurial repositories.

Bugzilla - Bug Tracking

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