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Alan Robertson (a.k.a. alanr@unix.sh) founded the Linux-HA development effort, acted as project leader for 10 years - from 1998 through 2008. He is employed by IBM and was part of the Linux Technology Center (LTC) for five years. He created a good bit of the content of the original web site. He has an HA file and network server in his house. In September, 2007, he started a blog on managing computers - which has good information on it. Most recently, he's reviving the ciblint program.

For historical and career details, see his biography and resume.

Alan is known to be opinionated, enthusiastic, has a sense of humor which ranges from whimsical to slightly outrageous, a certain fondness for memorable phrases, has a lovely and intelligent wife who is making one or more Linux Quilts for him.

Themes Alan is known to repeat over and over:

  • Complexity and Reliability
  • Who Wants Low-Availability Systems?
  • The Three R's of High-Availability

His theory is "When ya don't know many tunes, ya gotta sing da ones ya know". It comes as no surprise to people who know him that he has a T-shirt which says "Real Men Sing Real Loud".

As a fairly frequent international traveller, he has his own theories on how to handle jet lag.

For the excessively weird out there, he offers this collection of pictures of him - found by Google, and one from OLS 2002, and one from the Minneapolis Cluster Summit. On a similarly excessive note, there is an interview with him, and even a second interview, and a short article about his "way cool" EEE PC bag hack. Of course, now there are lots of netbook cases out there. But few as colorful as this one!

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